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How-to Apply for a Permit


Step 1 - Determine if you currently have a permit with San Mateo County Environmental Health Services (EHS) or if you are a new applicant. 

  • For existing permits, an account was created and setup for you to manage all your facilities. Check your email for login instructions. 
  • For new applications you will need to create an account. Visit our Community Portal to login/create an account to access the online application process. 

Step 2 - Select the type of permit you want to apply for under operational, project, or event permits. 

Step 3 – Submit a complete application. 

  • Make sure your application is complete by providing all required documents. 
  • Some applications may ask for additional information to fill out, upload, and submit to complete the application. 
  • You will be instructed within the Community Portal if additional documentation is needed. Some applications will ask you to fill out supporting documents e.g. addendums which can be found in the Supporting Documents section below organized by program. 

Supporting Documents 

General EHS

Fee Exemption Affidavit

Body Art

Body Art Facility Infection Prevention and Control Plan Addendum

Cross Connection


CUPA (Hazardous Waste) 

UST Plan Check


Mobile Food Facility Commissary Addendum
Mobile Food Facility Standard Operating Procedure Addendum
Temporary Food Facility Event Coordinator Addendum
Temporary Food Event Vendor Application


Annual Geotechnical Drilling Permit Application



Land Use

Water Well Addendum
Septic Addendum
Land Use Certification
Septic Tank Pumping and Inspection Report
Septic Tank and Chemical Toilet Cleaners Report



Medical Waste



Pool Major Remodel Scope of Work Addendum
Pool Minor Remodel Scope of Work Addendum

Solid Waste

Waste Hauler Permit Addendum


State Small Water System Bacteriological Sample Siting Plan
Water Quality Emergency Notification Plan

Need assistance?

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