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New Year’s Resolution to Save Time, Money, and the Planet
County encourages drivers to change their car’s oil less often


Many cars can go 10,000 or more miles without needing an oil change, according to manufacturers’ guidelines. That’s the message of San Mateo County’s campaign to educate car owners about changing oil less frequently—benefiting their wallets and our environment.

Although many people believe they need to change their car’s oil every 3,000 miles, many car manufacturers actually recommend far less frequent oil changes. A CalRecycle website,, shows people how often their car’s manufacturer recommends an oil change for a variety of makes, models and years.

“We encourage everyone to find out how far their car can go without an oil change—it will surprise you,” said Heather Forshey, director of San Mateo County Environmental Health Services. “We hope people will change their car’s oil less often, giving them more time to enjoy the beautiful Bay Area environment they’re helping protect.”

Reducing oil change frequency not only saves people time and money, it also helps protect our environment. Right now, 30 million gallons of oil get into California’s water every year. Changing motor oil less often will help reduce potential spills during oil changes. And residents can save hundreds of dollars over just a few years of less frequent oil changes.

Residents who change their own motor oil and filter are also encouraged to recycle them both to further protect our beautiful waterways. Check out for a list of free motor oil and filter recycling locations across San Mateo County.