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11th Annual Award Ceremony Honoring “Housing Heroes”
San Mateo County Health recognizes individuals who help people with mental health and substance use conditions secure stable housing


SAN MATEO, CA—On October 18, two San Mateo County organizations—the Change Agent Housing Committee and Behavioral Health and Recovery Services (BHRS, a division of San Mateo County Health)—will honor local leaders for their contributions to the community. The Housing Heroes program honors community partners and colleagues who have demonstrated exceptional leadership in providing or maintaining housing for individuals with mental health and/or substances use issues in San Mateo County.

Promoting health and housing stability helps not only these individuals but also their families and the broader San Mateo County community.

Housing-related challenges in San Mateo County, which has some of the most expensive residential real estate in the Bay Area, are especially acute for people who are low-income, or who have mental health and/or substance use challenges. According to the Housing Authority of San Mateo County, only 40 percent of people who receive new vouchers are able to rent units.

“Housing instability is one of the greatest challenges for people with mental health and substance use issues in our community,” said Interim Director of Behavioral Health & Recovery Services, Stephen Kaplan. “These honorees have done an exceptional job trying to bring housing solutions to the people who need them the most.”

The 2018 San Mateo County Change Agent Housing Committee has selected the following recipients as this year’s Housing Heroes:

  • Teri Chin, Human Services Manager, Fair Oaks Community Center
  • Valerie Abea, Family Partner, BHRS Youth Services Center
  • Ingrid Dela Rosa, Family Member
  • Diane Dworkin, BHRS Housing Champion
  • Ana Dayeh, Board and Care Administrator
  • Esam Hussain, Apartment Building Owner
  • Li-Ping Fan, BHRS Community Mental Health Nurse

“People who make the extra effort to help vulnerable men and women in our county are our heroes,” said Carole Groom, San Mateo County Supervisor. “We honor their generosity at Housing Hero Awards every October.”

The awards ceremony will be held on Thursday, October 18, 2018 from 3:00 to 4:30 PM at the Redwood Shores Library Community Room, 399 Marine Parkway, in Redwood City. The event is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be provided.