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Zumba Toning & Palango Combo!

General Wellness

Date: Saturdays @ 9:15am-9:50am—Zumba and 9:55am—10:30am—Palango

Location: Colma Community Center, 1520 Hillside Blvd, Colma, CA 94014

Description: Age 15+.Combination of Zumba and Palango each lasting for 35 min. Zumba Toning Program is to create a light resistance training fitness experience that is FUN, SAFE, & Effective! Zumba Toning utilizes muscles toing and sculpting exercises and combines them with the dance-fitness movements and rhythms from Zumba Basics. The toning and body sculpting exercises either uses body resistance movements and/or utilizes light hand weights or Zumba toning sticks. High intensity Palango is SIMPLE / FUN / INTENSE cardiovascular, toning and endurance workout. It incorporates steps from Kickboxing, Capoeira and boxing. In addition, you’re in for Plyometrics, squats, lunges, running and a great core workout. Both programs are all to the Latin-Style rhythms; full 35 non-stop workout. Wear loose comfortable clothing, old worn-out workout shoes, towel and bottle water. Light hand weight 1.0 lb or 2.0 lb optional. Bring families and friends to enjoy the Summer Body Trimming experience. Please register early so the program does not get cancelled. Please contact (650) 985-5678 for more information. Fee: Drop in—$5 Adult, $1 Senior, Teen & Disabled for residents.