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Kenpo-Eskrima for Teens/Adults
South San Francisco

General Wellness

Date: June 8 – Aug 24 Monday and Wednesday @ 7:00PM-8:00PM

Location: Westborough – Large Multiuse room, 2380 Galway, (cross street Westborough Blvd)

Description: 13+ years old. Created by the class’ instructor, Kenpo-Eskrima is a seamless blend of combat-proven techniques from the Chinese and Filipino fighting arts. A complete personal defense system, this method teaches the use of empty hands, cane, knife or any improvised weapon in a simple, effective system for unarmed and armed conflicts that is applicable in today’s situations. The class includes meditation, cardio & strengthening warm-ups, and practical applications practice. Historical and cultural aspects of the art are also covered. Class uniform and training supplies may be purchased from instructor on first day of class. Romeo Agloro Jr. is ranked as Grandmaster in Kenpo, Guro in Eskrima and Sifu in Northern Style Kung- Fu. He began teaching in 1981. He is assisted by Jacy Criwsell, 3rd degree Black Belt. REGISTER ONLINE TODAY! WWW.SSF.NET Fee is $5/class