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Walk-in Services

General information

Arthropod/Insect Identification

Test fee is $25 per specimen. Public Health Laboratory can identify most medically important arthropods and insects, including ticks. Testing appropriate ticks for the presence of the bacteria that causes Lyme Disease is included in the fee. Please download and complete the Arthropod Test Order Form.

*Please note, the Public Health Laboratory is temporarily not offering tick testing.*

Rabies Testing

Public Health Laboratory is providing rabies testing and work closely with Animal Control Division as well as Peninsula Humane Society (SPCA). Please download and complete the Animal Bite Report Form.

Water Testing

Membrane filtration for detection of coliforms in drinking water, testing for various indicator bacteria in soil and surface water samples, Coliform Presence/Absence Test, Nitrates & Nitrites. Please download and complete the Environmental Water Test Request Form 2020