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Suicide Prevention Resources

General information


Suicide prevention, intervention and response video series for clergy, pastors, ministers, rabbis and other faith community leaders

This series of five videos for clergy discusses Warning signs and risk factors; How to tell if a person is considering suicide; Responding to a suicidal person; Responding to family members after a suicide; and Designing a service for a person who has died by suicide. Visit website.

Your Life Matters! Campaign

An opportunity for every faith community in the United States, regardless of creed, to focus one Sabbath each year on the characteristics common to most faiths that also help prevent suicides. Visit website.

The Role of Faith Communities in Suicide Prevention: A Guidebook for Faith Leaders

The purpose of this guidebook is to prepare leaders of faith communities to prevent, intervene and respond to the tragedy of suicide. The concept for this guidebook grew out of an increasing understanding that suicide affects a significant number of people in all walks of life and that people often turn to their faith communities in times of crisis. Download PDF.

Sustaining Grassroots Community-Based Programs: A Toolkit for Community- and Faith-Based Service Providers

Contains six books to help grassroots organizations and faith-based organizations develop substance abuse and mental health treatment services. Discusses organizational assessment, marketing, financial management, sustainability and funding, and evaluation.

Download toolkit or order the toolkit online.

Suicide intervention and postvention training for faith leaders

The Prevention and Intervention Training is designed to increase the competence of faith leaders in responding to individuals who are suicidal or at high risk for suicide. The Postvention Training is designed to support proactive planning to ensure an effective and comprehensive response in the event of a suicide death. Visit website.

We have listed only a handful of resources, however there are many faith-based mental health and suicide prevention resources available on and other websites. Many county behavioral health agencies and suicide prevention coalitions have formed creative relationships with local parishes or faith leaders.

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