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Sociodemographic and Health Impact Analysis
Intern Project

General information

The goal of this project is to understand how the population in San Mateo County has been changing with regards to sociodemographic characteristics and how these trends have impacted health overall. The epidemiology intern will explore multiple data sources, analyze the datasets, and present findings through maps, charts, and tables. The findings of the project will be used to inform San Mateo County Health System’s activities to improve the health status of county residents.

Specific responsibilities expected of the intern include:

  • Conducting literature and internet searches
  • Compiling existing data from secondary sources
  • Cleaning and analyzing data, both spatial and non-spatial, using Excel, ArcGIS, and/or statistical software
  • Developing maps, charts, tables, and other data visualization graphics

To learn more or apply for the Epidemiology Intern position, download packet.