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Safe Medicine Disposal Sites

General information

San Mateo County has new medicine disposal locations! These new sites will take most medicines in any dosage form including prescription, nonprescription, brand name and generic drugs at no cost to residents. Vitamins do not need to be put in the disposal bins and can be placed in the trash. The requirements of San Mateo County’s Safe Medicine Ordinance are operated by MED-Project, a producer-funded organization dedicated to responsible medicine disposal and implementation of the Ordinance.

By taking your old medicines to one of the following kiosk drop-off locations, you’ll protect the environment, prevent overdoses and errors, and help keep drugs away from kids and teens.

How to Prepare Medicine for Disposal

  • Dump unneeded pills into plastic baggies. It’s OK to use one bag for different types of pills.
  • Peel off or black out the labels on pill containers and recycle the containers at home.
  • Keep liquids, creams and gels in original packaging.

If you have sharps, please dispose of them at a designated sharps drop off location.

See below for a list of current safe medicine disposal sites. Please contact locations for hours of operation.


Belmont Police Department
One Twin Pines Lane
(650) 595-7400


Brisbane Police Department
50 Park Place
(415) 467-1212


Broadmoor Police Department
388 88th Street
(650) 755-3838 


Burlingame Police Department
1111 Trousdale Drive
(650) 777-4100

260 El Camino Real

Daly City

Chinese Hospital Pharmacy
386 Gellert Boulevard
(650) 761-3500

Daly City Police Department
333 90th Street
(650) 991-8119

Kaiser Pharmacy
395 Hickey Blvd, 1st Floor
(650) 301-5788

211 Eastmoor Avenue
(650) 550-3923

East Palo Alto

Probation Department – East Palo Alto
2415 University Avenue
(650) 363-4243

Drew Pharmacy
2111B University Avenue
(650) 321-1449

East Palo Alto Police Department
141 Demeter Street
(650) 853-3160

Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay Sheriff Substation
537 Kelly Avenue
(650) 726-8288

Half Moon Bay Pharmacy
40 Stone Pine Road
(650) 726-5542


Hillsborough Police Department
1600 Floribunda Avenue
(650) 375-7400

Menlo Park

Menlo Park Police Department
701 Laurel Street
(650) 330-6300


Millbrae Police Department
581 Magnolia Avenue
(650) 259-2300

Walgreens (NEW!)*
45 S. El Camino Real

Moss Beach

North Coast Moss Beach Sub-Station
500 California Avenue
(650) 573-2801


Pacifica Police Department
2075 Coast Highway
(650) 738-7314

Redwood City

Kaiser Birch Building Pharmacy
910 Marshall Street
(650) 299-2478

San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office
400 County Center, 3rd Floor
(650) 216-7676

Probation Department – County Center
400 County Center, 5th Floor
(650) 363-4244

Redwood City Police Department
1301 Maple Street
(650) 780-7100

San Bruno

Kaiser Bayhill Pharmacy
801 Traeger Avenue
(650) 742-2000

Kaiser Pharmacy
901 El Camino Real
(650) 742-1388

San Bruno Police Department
1117 Huntington Avenue
(650) 616-7100

San Carlos

San Carlos Police Department
600 Elm Street
(650) 802-4277

San Mateo

Kaiser Pharmacy
1000 Franklin Pkwy W, Floor 1
(650) 358-7114

Probation Department – Youth Services
222 Paul Scannell Drive

San Mateo Medical Center Pharmacy    
222 W 39th Ave
(650) 573-2222

San Mateo Neighborhood Pharmacy
9 37th Avenue
(650) 827-5277

San Mateo Police Department
200 Franklin Parkway
(650) 522-7710

Walgreens (NEW!)*
4070 S. El Camino Real

South San Francisco

Kaiser Pharmacy
1200 El Camino Real
(650) 742-2000

Probation Department – SSF
1024 Mission Road
(650) 877-5411

South San Francisco Police Department
33 Arroyo Drive
(650) 877-8900

Sunshine Center Pharmacy
1166 Mission Road
(650) 589-4133

Walgreens (NEW!)*
399 El Camino Real

Up-to-date list of drop-off kiosk sites and mail-back envelope distribution locations can be found here.

*These collection kiosks are operated independently and are not part of the MED-Project medicine collection program.

updated 8/1/2017

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