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Pfizer boosters available at Event Center

cars driving into vaccination clinic in Event Center pavilion

Staff at the Event Center booster clinic will get you through the process quickly and efficiently. You can make an appointment via MyTurn, or you can drive up without an appointment. The Event Center is open on Tuesdays (noon-7pm) and Wednesdays through Saturdays (9am-4pm).


General information
Ambulance Response And Transport Restrictions OPS-1 Rev 6/2013
Use Of BLS Ambulances Within The Emergency Ambulance/Advanced Life Support System OPS-2 Rev 10/2013
Transport Limitations For ALS First Responder OPS-3 Rev 2/2014
Authority On Scene OPS-4 Rev 6/2015
Physician On The Scene OPS-5 Rev 6/2015
Canceling or Downgrading an EMS Response OPS-6 Rev 10/2015
Patient Destination Determination OPS 7 Rev 4/2021
EMS Supervisors Role OPS-8 Rev 4/2015
Multi-Casualty Incident Response Plan OPS-9 Rev 10/2015
Determining Death In The Field, DNR, POLST, and Aid-In-Dying Drug OPS-10 Rev 7/2018
Organ Donor Card Search OPS-12 Rev 10/2015
Use Of EMS Aircraft OPS-13 Rev 5/2014
San Francisco International Airport – Paramedic First Responder Program OPS-14  
Controlled Substance Storage and Restocking Procedures OPS-16  Rev 8/2019
EMS Communications OPS-17  Rev 5/2015
Special Response Areas & Bridges OPS-19 Rev 6/2013
Medical Resource Standby OPS-20 Rev 12/2013
Refusal Of Care And/Or Transportation OPS-21 Rev 11/2014
Safely Surrendered Baby Procedure for Fire Stations OPS-24 Rev 6/2013
Use Of BLS Ambulances Within The South San Francisco Fire Department OPS-26 Rev 10/2013
Law Enforcement On-scene Requesting Code of Response OPS-27

New 8/2016

Stroke System Triage and Patient Destination OPS-29 Rev 11/2018
Use of Alternative Transport Vehicles OPS-30 Rev 1/2014
Abuse Reporting OPS-31  Rev 5/2015
Fire Line Emergency Medical Technician – Paramedic (FEMP) OPS-33 New 6/2013
Tactical Medic Team OPS-34 New 12/2013
Confidentiality of Patient Information OPS-35

New 2/2015

Mobile Stroke Unit Pilot OPS-36 New 2/2018
EMS Event Reporting OPS 37 New 5/2021