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General information
Ambulance Response And Transport Restrictions OPS-1 Rev 6/2013
Use Of BLS Ambulances Within The Emergency Ambulance/Advanced Life Support System OPS-2 Rev 10/2013
Transport Limitations For ALS First Responder OPS-3 Rev 2/2014
Authority On Scene OPS-4 Rev 6/2015
Physician On The Scene OPS-5 Rev 6/2015
Canceling or Downgrading an EMS Response OPS-6 Rev 10/2015
Patient Destination Determination OPS 7 Rev 4/2021
EMS Supervisors Role OPS-8 Rev 4/2015
Multi-Casualty Incident Response Plan OPS-9 Rev 10/2015
Determining Death In The Field, DNR, POLST, and Aid-In-Dying Drug OPS-10 Rev 7/2018
Organ Donor Card Search OPS-12 Rev 10/2015
Use Of EMS Aircraft OPS-13 Rev 5/2014
San Francisco International Airport – Paramedic First Responder Program OPS-14  
Controlled Substance Storage and Restocking Procedures OPS-16  Rev 8/2019
EMS Communications OPS-17  Rev 5/2015
Special Response Areas & Bridges OPS-19 Rev 6/2013
Medical Resource Standby OPS-20 Rev 12/2013
Refusal Of Care And/Or Transportation OPS-21 Rev 11/2014
Safely Surrendered Baby Procedure for Fire Stations OPS-24 Rev 6/2013
Use Of BLS Ambulances Within The South San Francisco Fire Department OPS-26 Rev 10/2013
Law Enforcement On-scene Requesting Code of Response OPS-27

New 8/2016

Stroke System Triage and Patient Destination OPS-29 Rev 11/2018
Use of Alternative Transport Vehicles OPS-30 Rev 1/2014
Abuse Reporting OPS-31  Rev 5/2015
Fire Line Emergency Medical Technician – Paramedic (FEMP) OPS-33 New 6/2013
Tactical Medic Team OPS-34 New 12/2013
Confidentiality of Patient Information OPS-35

New 2/2015

Mobile Stroke Unit Pilot OPS-36 New 2/2018
EMS Event Reporting OPS 37 New 5/2021