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Body Art Expo Practitioner Information

General information

Practitioner Registration

All practitioners wishing to participate in a temporary body art event (expo, show, demonstration) must have a current and valid California body art practitioner registration.

There are two acceptable registration options:

1. You are a registered practitioner 
from another jurisdiction in the 
State of California.

2. You do not hold a current State of California practitioner registration, are from out of state, or your registration is expired. 

Complete one of the following documentation requirements and pay the fee for your registration to be accepted:

  1. Have a copy of your unexpired Body Art Registration and a photo ID ready at the event.
  2.  OR Provide a signed letter from the jurisdiction you are registered with on their letterhead that verifies your registration along with a photo ID available at the event.   

 Submit one of the documents listed above to the event sponsor/operator along with the required Body Art Program registration fee.  The sponsor will submit your documentation to Environmental Health Services for approval for you to gain entrance to the event at the County check-in point.

Apply for a temporary practitioner registration for the event. Submit the following documentation and fee to the event sponsor:

  1. The application or registration  Body Art Program fee.
  2. The San Mateo County Body Art Practitioner Registration Application Form
  3. A copy of your San Mateo County approved Bloodborne Pathogen Training Certification.
  4. Evidence of current Hepatitis B vaccination, or boosters, or Hepatitis B immunity, or a completed Hepatitis B Declination Form.

Practitioners checking in at a temporary body art event will be required to show a valid piece of photo identification. 

The cut-off for validation of a State of California Body Art registration or obtaining a temporary practitioner registration is 21 calendar days prior to the event.  Practitioners that miss the cut-off date may not be allowed to participate in the event.  Some walk-in registrations may be available but check with the event sponsor to verify this. Late registration packets will be subject to late penalties. 

*Practitioners from the City and County of San Francisco must provide a valid Body Art Practitioner fee receipt.

Health and Safety Requirements

All body art practitioners are expected to understand and implement the California Health and Safety Code Body Art standards listed on the Health and Safety Standards for Body Art Events document. The requirements listed on the document will be the basis of your compliance inspection at the event.

Other Resources

Approved Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure Training Courses
San Mateo County Body Art ordinance 04285
California Safe Body Art Law: Article 5 Temporary Body Art Facilities

Reciprocity Disclaimer

A valid body art practitioner registration issued from any other jurisdiction within California is intended to allow the Practitioner to practice within this county for 5 consecutive days and no more than 15 days total in a calendar year.