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Zumba Gold – Tone
South San Francisco - 14+


Date: June 6 – Aug 22 Monday 6:00PM-7:00PM

Location: MSB-Social Hall, 33 Arroyo Dr., South San Francisco

Description: 14+ years old. Zumba Gold-Tone utilizes the same great Latin styles of music and dance used in the Zumba basic program but at a lower intensity. This easy-to-follow program allows anyone, any age or ability, to participate. Participants will build muscle strength, increase bone density, and improve mobility, posture and coordination. Zumba

Gold-Tone class will use light weights (1 to 2lbs) or no weights. Participants will be taught how to tone without weights, as well. The Gold dance portion may also include hip-hop and reggaeton, as well as fitness moves. Note: This class is not the same as the traditional cardio Zumba class. Stephanie King is a certified Zumba Gold Tone instructor. REGISTER ONLINE TODAY! WWW.SSF.NET Fee is $5/class drop-in fee.