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South San Francisco - 14+


Date: June 7 – Aug 23 Tuesday @ 6:00PM-6:46PM Fee is $45R/$60NR ($3.75/class); June 9 – Aug 25 Thursday @ 6:00PM-7:00PM Fee is $60R/$75NR ($5/class)

Location: MSB, 33 Arroyo Dr., South San Francisco

Description: 14+ years old. Zumba fuses hypnotic musical rhythms and tantalizing moves to create a dynamic workout system designed to be FUN & EASY TO DO. It is an interval training class where fast, moderate (at your own pace) and slow rhythms & resistance training are combined to tone & sculpt your body while burning fat. We add some Latin flavor & international zest into the mix and you’ve got Zumba! It’s fun, caloric burning, heart racing, 7 muscle pumping, body energizing movements meant to engage and captivate you for life! Stephanie King is a certified Zumba instructor. REGISTER ONLINE TODAY!WWW.SSF.NET