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Restorative Yoga with Guided Meditation
Redwood City


Date: Thurs. @ 1-2:15pm

Location: Sunset Room, Veterans Memorial Senior Center in Red Morton Park (1455 Madison Avenue, Redwood City)

Description: All ages. Props are used to gently relax the spine into gradual bends to restore comfort from lower back pain, boost the immune system and rejuvenate you physically and mentally. Gentler than the Monday Gentle Yoga class, this class is a wonderful way to strengthen, stretch and relax no matter what your physical condition. Own mat, yoga blanket, blocks and strap are recommended. Wear comfortable clothes. Instructor will have props for purchase or to try out. Students must register with instructor, Orlene Chartian, directly at class. For more information, call 650-780-7525. $5/class.