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Clinical Rotations


Clinical Rotation Application Information

In an effort to streamline and standardize our Student Placement process across departments, San Mateo Medical Center has implemented a new system to manage future student placements.

San Mateo Medical Center’s Placement Process

1.  All student placements must be approved by the host department manager or preceptor with a copy to the relevant placement processing departments. Placements are then processed and given final approval by:

  • Provider Students/Trainees (Medical Student, Residents, Physician Assistant , Nurse Practitioner: NP & FNP), by Priscilla Padilla Romero, MPH, MPP, Manager for Medical Staff/Provider Relations |
  • Dental Students/Trainees, by Raul Ramirez, Dental Program Coordinator |
  • All others Students/Trainees (Nursing: RN & MSN, Pharmacy, Rehab: OT, PT, ST, etc, Radiology, Medical Assistants, Respiratory, Dietetic interns, Surgical tech, MPH, Sterile Processing, Health Information, HRM, etc), by Akram Abdul Cader, D.B.A, M.B.A., Education Department Manager |

2.  All students being placed at San Mateo Medical Center must complete the student declaration form.

  • A PDF copy of the form is automatically emailed to the student after completion. It is the responsibility of the student to email the completed form to the placement coordinator. (Students should inform Akram Abdul Cader at if they don’t receive this form within a day of completing the form).
  • A copy of this form must be reviewed by the school’s placement coordinator and kept on file with the student’s record. 

3.  As per our student placement contract between the County and an approved school, we are requiring that only the school’s placement coordinator or designee representing the school (not the student) fill out the placement request form

The school no longer has to send any medical records, OIG clearances, BLS cards, etc. to San Mateo Medical Center.

The school is responsible for reviewing and verifying the students’ health immunization & placement records and maintaining documentation during the placement form.

In the event that San Mateo Medical Center needs to review these documents, the school will provide them.

The following information is required for the student placement form (placement coordinator will review and verify the original documents and fill in the form based on this information and the completed the attestation):

  • Student Declaration Form
  • Student Personal Information
  • Approved Placement Details (Days, Shifts, Unit)
  • Student OIG Clearance Results (search student name on the OIG website)
  • Student BLS Card Copy
  • Student Immunization Records: Tuberculosis (TB) [Either: QuantiFERON, chest x-ray, or PPD]; HepB; TDAP; Varicella; Measles, Mumps, Rubella; Flu Form (as applicable); Fit Testing (as applicable); COVID-19

4.  All students must complete SMMC’s Online Orientation.

This link will change once it is updated. When this Orientation is updated, the new link will appear on the Student Declaration Form and on the Student Placement Form.

5. We anticipate that each application should take roughly 10 to 15 minutes to complete. The Online Orientation should take roughly 30-45 minutes to complete.