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Youth Samurai Martial Arts (Karate)
Menlo Park

Children (6-12)

Date:  Fridays @ 5:00 PM –6:00 PM

Location: Onetta Harris Community Center Multipurpose Room, 100 Terminal Ave, Menlo Park, CA 94025

Description: Ages 6-11 years .This class is a blend of Karate, Jujutsu and Escrima. The kids will learn focus and discipline. They will develop power and strength. The class has broad breaking, padded sticks for sparring exercises. Get ready to have lots of fun! Wear loose clothing and sneakers. No clogs, flip flops, or dress shoes. Girls no dresses or skirts without tights or shorts underneath. Uniforms are available but, not required. At the end of each quarter there is a belt test. Belt testing is not required, nor is guaranteed. All students must earn their rank. Please call (650) 330-2250 for more information. Fee: $2.5 per class for residents &$3.4 per class for non-residents.