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Michael del Rosario
Correctional Health Services

Michael del Rosario

Michael del Rosario is the director of Correctional Health Services, a division of San Mateo County Health that is responsible for delivering health care to the incarcerated youth and adults in the county’s correctional facilities. The division provides medical, dental, and mental health care that includes communicable disease screening and treatment, substance abuse treatment, chronic diseases management, and acute care services.

A registered nurse, he earned an associate degree in nursing from City College of San Francisco and has spent three decades in correctional health settings. He joined San Mateo County Health in 1994 as a staff nurse in the jail and rose through the ranks to become a charge nurse and a clinical services manager for nursing, before being promoted to director.

In 2012 as the clinical services manager, del Rosario developed the first use of telehealth visits in the jails. He was instrumental in the COVID-19 management plan, which resulted in zero hospitalizations or deaths among inmates. He led the jails’ mass vaccination events, adding essential services such as Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for those with substance use disorder and increasing screening and treatment for sexually transmitted infections and hepatitis.

Outside of work, he enjoys dining out with family, travel, and with his passion for cars, he loves driving on local racetracks.