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Puente Clinic

General information

The Puente Clinic offers mental health services for developmentally disabled clients by bridging resources from San Mateo County Behavioral Health & Recovery Services (BHRS), Golden Gate Regional Center (GGRC) and Health Plan of San Mateo (HPSM).

Developmentally disabled clients may be referred to the Puente Clinic by a BHRS clinician or GGRC Case Manager. Clinicians/Case Managers will need to submit via fax or email a completed Puente Clinic Referral Form on the clients behalf. GGRC referrals require a signed release to share information. Puente staff will respond to the referring clinician if additional information is needed. All GGRC referrals will need a signed release.

One-time Consultation

One time appointment with a Puente MFT and/or Psychiatrist for consultation.

Care Assist

Care Assist brings all treating staff together to discuss and/or consult on challenging cases.

Continuing Care

Comprehensive mental health treatment including medication management. For continuing care, clients need to meet priority criteria. Priorities criteria are:

  • Recently returned to the community from Developmental Center from Developmental Center
  • Recently returned to the community from locked or delayed egress facility
  • At-risk for admission to higher level of care
  • Requires in-home services as clinically determined
  • Psychiatric Emergency Services contact
  • Complex diagnostic issues or polypharmacy


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