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Looking for your COVID-19 vaccination record?

The California Department of Public Health has created an online portal where you can access your vaccination information. The site will give you a digital copy of your vaccine record, which you can also print. Go to

If you notice an error in the state’s record, please contact the entity that gave you the vaccine to get the information corrected.

Mental Health Services for Teens


Are you or someone you care about having unusual thoughts or difficulty concentrating, or hearing things that others don’t? These types of symptoms are more common than you may think – they affect 1 in 5 teens. If the symptoms have been persisting for an extended period of time or are increasing in severity, they may be among the first warning signs of early psychosis. That’s why it’s important to seek help as early as possible.

Prevention and Recovery in Early Psychosis (PREP) is a comprehensive early-intervention treatment program for early psychosis, which uses an individualized approach to create a treatment plan designed to put people experiencing these symptoms back on track.

It begins when you call us to set up an assessment – you can even take a short survey on the PREP website which will tell you whether we recommend you schedule one. If so, you and your loved one can sit down with a clinician who will conduct a thorough review of the symptoms you or your loved one are experiencing. Should you require treatment, you’ll already be in the right place. We understand early psychosis, and we are here to support you or someone you love through the process.

If you think the PREP program might be the right place for you or someone you know in San Mateo County, visit their website. The road to recovery begins with PREP.