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Representative Payee Service Changes
Services Transitioning to Life Inc. as of July 1

Article Terry Wilcox-Rittgers, Clinical Services Manager
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Starting July 1, 2019, San Mateo County Health began transitioning their Representative Payee services to Life Inc.  Rep Payee services are provided to clients of BHRS and Aging & Adults Services who need assistance managing their Supplemental Security Income (SSI) to ensure timely and appropriate payment of rent, utilities, transportation, food, clothes, and other essential daily living needs. 

The transition of these services began in early July and should be completed by the end of October 2019. Life Inc. provides Rep Payee services to other counties and organizations and currently serves clients of Telecare’s Full Service Partnership program in San Mateo County. 

Aging & Adult Services staff currently process rep payee payment requests and distribute checks to service providers who, in turn, deliver them to clients (in addition to providing clinical services). This change will eliminate the dual role for service providers and the inefficiencies of having multiple parties involved in the process.   

Life Inc. Services

With Life Inc., clients will receive all their financial services from one vendor who can provide efficient, responsive and flexible payment services that better meet their needs. A single point of contact will eliminate delays in getting funds to clients and their payees and reduce the number of late notices clients receive for instances such as when the rent is not paid on time, which creates unnecessary stress on the client.  Debit cards will be issued so that they will have immediate access to their funds rather than having to wait for a check to arrive.  

Some of the services Life Inc., will provide clients are: 

  • Ensuring timely and appropriate payment of rent, utilities, transportation, food, clothes, and other essential daily living needs; 
  • Creating a monthly budget; 
  • Establishing an allowance payment schedule based on their individual needs ranging from once a day to once a month; 
  • Providing ongoing money management, budgeting skill building and support in working towards achieving financial independence if appropriate; 
  • The ability to process and distribute payments within a 24-hour period for emergency purposes. 

 For more information, contact Terry Wilcox-Rittgers at