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New DUI Court to Increase Public Safety  
Begins September 19

Article Paula Nannizzi, Health Services Manager

Behavioral Health and Recovery Services, together with San Mateo County Superior Court, District Attorney’s Office, the Private Defender Program and Probation, are currently ramping up to implement a new Driving Under the Influence (DUI) court for second and third time misdemeanor offenders in order to decrease DUI-related traffic accidents, the frequency of repeat offenders and increase public safety. The DUI court will provide this population with a team who can link them to needed treatment and support services which previously, were not provided as a part of the DUI process, along with increased monitoring.

Starting September 19, the DUI team will review all reports and assessments to determine whether the individual is eligible for the DUI Court program.  For those assessed as at risk of re-offending, or considered high need, additional supports and services will be provided by BHRS staff.  Nikki Kanakis will conduct an evaluation and provide recommendations for substance use disorder treatment,  and Sheryl Uyan, will coordinate with the DUI court team and DUI providers on classes the individual must complete to fulfill the requirements of the DMV and the courts.

Third time offenders will be required to wear a continuous alcohol monitoring (CAM) device upon release from custody. Once the DUI Court program has been completed, continued supervised probation or a transition to court probation will be required.

This is an exciting time in the specialty court arena, as Judge Forcum oversees several specialty courts in collaboration with BHRS: Bridges, Drug Court, DUI Court, Pathways Court and 1370/Misdemeanor Defendant Competency Restoration Calendar.