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How to Apply for a Tobacco Retailer Permit 


How to Apply for a Tobacco Retailer Permit 

1. Complete a Tobacco Retailer Permit Application
2. Submit application to

Tobacco Retailer Permits are non-transferable between persons, locations, etc. Any attempted transfer will render the permit null and void. 

Annual Inspections 

Permitted tobacco facilities will receive at least 2 unannounced inspections a year. Inspections will be unannounced. Facilities must comply with the following requirements: 

1.  Valid Tobacco Retailer Permit available and posted for public view.
2. No flavored tobacco products for sale. 
3. No e-cigarette products for sale. 
4. Retailer should not offer or redeem coupons or provide discount sales.
5. All tobacco products must be sold under manufacturer’s packaging and labeling and conform to all child-resistant packaging. 
6. Selling by use of self-service displays is prohibited. All sales shall be conducted in person at the permitted location.
7. Signage must be posted at the point of purchase that sales to anyone under 21 years of age is illegal. 

Tobacco retailers who violate any requirements under Ordinance No. 4878 will place themselves at risk of administrative fines, permit suspension, permit revocation, criminal prosecution, or misdemeanors. 

Contact Information

For questions, please call (650) 372-6200 or email


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