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MHSA Housing

General information

El Camino Street Apartments, a supportive housing development in South San Francisco

Supportive housing is community-based housing that is affordable to clients on a permanent basis, provides all the rights and responsibilities of tenancy, and is accompanied by appropriate and voluntary social services. 

Myth: My property value will decline if you build supportive housing nearby.
Fact: Property values do not decline when supportive housing is built nearby.

Myth: Crime will go up in my neighborhood if you build supportive housing nearby.
Fact: Crime does not increase when supportive housing is built.

Myth: Residents living nearby supportive housing will be scared of the housing and the people in it, changing the neighborhood character.
Fact: Residents’ fears disappear once the supportive housing is built.

The Impact of Supportive Housing on Neighborhood Crime and Property Values

Supportive Housing Developments in San Mateo County

Since 2006, the MHSA Housing Program funded 71 housing units across housing developments in Redwood City, South San Francisco, San Mateo and North Fair Oaks community. 

  • Cedar Street Apartments in Redwood City (14 MHSA units) – 2009 
  • El Camino Family Housing in South San Francisco (20 MHSA units) – 2010
  • Delaware Street Apartments in San Mateo (10 MHSA units) - 2011
  • Waverly Place Apartments in North Fair Oaks area (15 MHSA units) – 2018
  • Bradford Senior Housing in Redwood City (6 MHSA units) – 2020
  • 2821 El Camino Real in North Fair Oaks (6 MHSA units) – 2020

Housing Initiative Taskforce 

The MHSA FY 2020-23 Three-Year Plan prioritizes housing as an area to engage in deeper strategic planning and guide future MHSA funding allocations. A Housing Initiative Taskforce, made up of diverse clients, family members, service providers and County departments, convened between March and May 2021 to define a housing continuum of services ; identify gaps at all levels of support or intensity in treatment; prioritize broad housing-related outcomes and identify and prioritize activities to fund under each prioritized outcome

Housing Initiative Taskforce Funding Recommendations

Additional Materials for these meetings are available below:

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