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Health Equity Initiatives


Health Equity Initiatives

In 2007, the Mental Health Services Act provided funding to continue and support staff efforts to address racial, ethnic, and cultural disparities within Behavioral Health and Recovery Services. These Initiatives were created to focus on health disparities in access and quality of care for underserved, unserved and inappropriately served cultural and ethnic communities and identify the workforce development needs of staff of these communities.

Each Initiative plans and implements activities in collaboration with other county staff, community partners, consumers/clients/family members and community stakeholders. Activities include educational resources (translated in different languages); facilitated training on culturally-responsive practices, workshops and support groups; and community outreach.  

Learn about the Heath Equity Initiatives’ impact over the past decade in Health Equity Initiatives: A Ten-Year Review

Join Us!

All who are passionate about embracing diversity and advancing equity are welcome to participate. Click Here for more information.


African American Community Initiative (AACI)

The Mission

The mission of the African American Community Initiative is to become a known resource for African American Community members facing challenges with finding and utilizing mental health services, while addressing inequalities faced by African Americans in our county.  Our vision is to build a community driven support system for reducing mental health and substance use treatment disparities, and the stigma of mental illness.  


Chinese Health Initiative (CHI)

以中文閱讀, 請按此處

We care about the emotional and physical health of all Chinese individuals, families, and children living in San Mateo County. When people work together, they can make a big difference to improve the overall health of our community. The Chinese Health Initiative was created in 2007 as a way to join people together who are interested in working to improve the health and well being of our Chinese community.

Filipino Mental Health Initiative

Filipino Mental Health Initiative

Mindful of Our Community’s Health

The mission of the Filipino Mental Health Initiative is to improve the well-being of Filipinos in San Mateo County by reducing the stigma of mental health, increasing access to services, and further empowering the community through outreach and engagement. We strive to connect individuals to appropriate health, mental health and social services, and ensure culturally appropriate services through provider collaboration.


Sana, Sana, Colita de Rana
Fifth Annual Latino Health Forum

¡Convivamos juntos, para una vida sana!

The San Mateo County Latino Collaborative presents the fifth annual Sana, Sana, Colita de Rana, an event where community members can learn about healthy habits, healthy communities, nutrition and access to mental health services. This year’s theme is “¡Convivamos juntos, para una vida sana!” which means, “Coming together for a healthy life!”


Native American Initiative

NAI Mission

The Native American Initiate was created to bring about a comprehensive revival of the Native American community in San Mateo County through awareness, health education, and outreach which honors culturally appropriate traditional Native healing practices.


Spirituality Initiative

The Spirituality Initiative works to build opportunities for clients/consumers, family members, providers and community members to collaboratively explore, increase awareness of, and support spirituality and its relationship to health and well-being, especially for those with or at risk of co-occurring alcohol/drug addiction and mental health challenges.

Vision and Values

The Health System fully embraces and integrates spirituality when working with individuals, families and communities to facilitate wellness and recovery.