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Annual Excellence Awards
Staff and Doctors Recognized for Excellence


San Mateo Medical Center celebrates the twelve staff who were nominated by their peers for our annual Excellence Awards given to those who exhibit excellence in their field. Congratulations to this year’s nominees and recipients.

Team Player

Eladia, Community Worker

“Eladia, to me, exemplifies what it means to be a team player. If it were not for her, I would literally be unable to maintain my clinical practice. She goes above and beyond to make sure patients feel cared for and get what they need. She recently participated in improvement work at Daly City and she was the ultimate team player. She jumped in whenever there was a gap even if it was not entirely comfortable for her. I could not ask for a better clinical partner.”

Geri, Nurse Practitioner

“Geri exemplifies team spirit. She organizes the nurses to attend forensic nursing conferences to hone their skills, leads a monthly educational meeting, and recently hosted a team-building barbeque on a weekend for the nurses and their families. Geri can always be counted on to say “yes” to a new challenge, and she asks for guidance as appropriate. She shows initiative, is very open to feedback, and models putting the patient’s needs at the center. Geri builds relationships and gets to know others, knowing that friendlier workplaces make for stronger teams working together across SMMC and other partners in the county.”

Nursing Excellence

Judy, Registered Nurse

“Judy is an excellent nurse. She is very diligent in following up with patients and making sure they are triaged appropriately and feel heard. She has an infectious energy that lifts the morale of staff every day and always comes to work with a positive attitude. To me, she emulates the qualities we look for in a nurse: someone who provides quality, compassionate care to our patients and is considered an example for other staff. Judy always has a smile on her face and a can-do attitude. She exemplifies Nursing Excellence.”

Robbi, Nurse Manager

“Robbi is an excellent nurse manager. She really understands the needs of her staff and never hesitates to cover the floors when they are short staffed. She leads by example and will never hesitate to recognize anyone for a job well done. She even implemented a staff “Wall of Fame” to recognize staff for upholding SMMC’s mission. She exemplifies true excellence as a nurse and a leader and is constantly brainstorming ways to make her units better for patients.”

Patient-Centered Care

Svetlana, Social Worker

“There are multiple examples of Lana going above and beyond all expectations: arranging last minute skilled nursing beds, assisting with insurance applications, assisting with transportation, delivering needed supplies to patients, assisting with advanced directives, and taking time to talk to patients and families who are in distress and in need of urgent support. She is always there to provide what the patients need and we are extremely grateful.”

Richard, Licensed Psychiatric Technician

“Richard works very closely with patients to ensure they are calm and comfortable. He tries to pamper the patients and cheers them up if they are down. He makes special beverages with fruit garnishes and tries to help the patients feel cared for. I have observed countless times Richard assisting a patient to do their grooming and tidy up their environment. Richard also makes time to play a game of checkers or just sit with a lonely patient and support them. Richard is exceptional and deserves our appreciation.”

Service Excellence

Eric, Lead Sterile Processing Technician

“Eric exemplifies excellence by his dependability, honesty, and attention to detail. He never shies away from working in the “trenches” with his team and always leads by example. His “hands on” approach engages others and builds respect with his team members. He readily shares new ideas and engages others in considering new ways of doing their work. Anyone that has worked with Eric will agree that he always provides exceptional, high quality service to colleagues.”

Sau, Management Analyst

“Sau exemplifies all the qualities of a fearless leader as well as a friendly, helpful and knowledgeable colleague. His inviting personality embodies our “We Care” attitude within the facility and his drive and hard work ethic truly shines through. He may not be on the front lines with patients but he is definitely helping a whole lot behind the curtain which pushes everyone in the department to exude just as much creativity, effort and support for one another.”

Leadership Excellence

Claudia, Patient Services Assistant II

“Claudia performs every task and takes on every interaction to the fullest of her capacity. She really likes to do things well, and has high expectations for herself and, by extension, of others. San Mateo Medical Center has an extraordinary employee in Claudia, one that truly embodies our stated commitment to excellence and the truth about leadership which is that each and every one of us is a leader when we choose to step up and address a problem that looks bigger than us.”

Change Champion

Sara, Nurse Practitioner

“Sara has been a change agent for many years. She has been involved in a number of performance improvement efforts and over the years she has evolved from a participant into a change leader.  Sara is an excellent primary care provider committed to a higher standard of patient care. She also is a genuine leader who leads by example, inspires colleagues to always aim for their best, and promotes a supportive and nurturing work environment.”

Provider Excellence

Eduardo, Physician

“Eduardo is an excellent provider with fantastic communication and extraordinary empathy. He is not only incredible at communicating with patients of all backgrounds and personality types, he likewise addresses every possible medical complication, both seen and unseen. I feel fortunate to work with such a genuine spirit and hope to be able to one day be able impact patients and families in the same way that he does.”

Julie, Physician

“Julie is an incredibly kind and compassionate provider. She treats every patient with full respect and complete dignity, being careful to address every need spoken and unspoken. I feel honored to be able to work beside her, as she is the one who taught me what it means to promote the most patient-centered care with exceptional attention to every concern – medical, emotional, and spiritual.”