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SMMC: New Patients


New Patients

Welcome to San Mateo Medical Center! We look forward to being your healthcare partner.

Our doctors, nurses and support staff are ready to answer your questions, find out what’s important to you, and provide the care you need to live a healthy life.

To make your first clinic appointment, call our New Patient Connection Center at (650) 372-3200.


Questions We Ask

When you register for your appointment, we will always ask you your name and date of birth. We do this for your safety – to make sure your doctor or nurse has the correct information. Several staff may check your name and date of birth during your visit. 

We also will ask about your ethnicity, your preferred spoken language, your gender identity and your sexual orientation because they all impact your health. Asking these and other questions will make us better health care partners and providers. 



San Mateo Medical Center provides a range of services to help keep you and your family healthy. Our team of primary health care providers are ready to partner with you to help you meet your health goals. When life throws you a curve ball, we’re there with the emergency and specialty services you need.



Whether you need a prescription medication once a year or every day, we want to be sure you have what you need when you need it. And, it’s important you take your medications correctly. 

Prescription Refills 

The fastest way to get a refill is to call your pharmacy.

  • Call your pharmacy one week before you run out of your medication.
  • If you are out of refills, the pharmacy will contact your doctor to renew your prescription.

Our Emergency Department is not able to renew prescriptions.