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SMMC: Mission, Vision, Values


Who We Are

We help every patient live their healthiest life. 

Partnerships play an important role in our daily work. Our nurses, doctors, and staff partner with patients, community organizations, and each other to provide excellent healthcare for patients, including those experiencing social, environmental, or economic challenges. 

We believe everyone in our community deserves optimal health and we are here for those who need us most to help them achieve their health goals. 

Driven By Our Values 

We commit to equity.
We include and prioritize the voices, experiences, interests, and needs of those who are most impacted by social injustices. 

We seek collaboration.
We pursue meaningful partnerships with patients, peers, and community members to achieve shared goals. 

We embrace learning.
We are dedicated to continuous improvement and invested in the growth of ourselves and one another. 

We inspire trust.
We are reliable, display integrity, follow through on our promises, and create safe spaces for all.

We nurture ownership.
We are empowered to focus on achieving the best outcomes for patients, taking pride in the work we do. 

Crisis Care Continuum Guidelines 

Your health and wellbeing is important to us and we are always focused on providing high quality care. In times of crisis, when demands are high and our resources may be limited, we rely on our Crisis Care Continuum Guidelines to ensure we meet the needs of the community in an ethical, compassionate way. You can review our guidelines below.

Allocation of Scarce Resources During a Public Health Emergency
Allocation of Scarce Pharmaceuticals During a Public Health Emergency


A Safe, Welcoming Environment

San Mateo Medical Center strives to be a place where everyone feels welcome and safe.  

We reject hatred, prejudice, racism, sexism, bigotry, bullying, or violence of any manner toward any individual regardless of race, ethnicity, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status, ancestry, immigration status or country of birth. We also reject any effort to intimidate, threaten, or marginalize any member of the community.