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Health Policy & Planning Internships


Health Policy & Planning Internships

The Health Policy & Planning (HPP) Internship Program is designed to provide work opportunities and practical learning experiences in public health, policy, planning and research, with an emphasis in health equity and place-based primary prevention.

HPP Framework: Primary Prevention & Health Equity

There is a growing recognition that where we live, work, play and go to school shape our health. HPP focuses on building healthy, equitable communities that prevent people from getting sick in the first place. HPP works to ensure all people have the opportunity for health and well-being and seeks to build health equity by addressing the root causes of poor health, such as the social, economic, and physical conditions around us. To achieve this goal, HPP employs expertise in policy, planning, research, equity, epidemiology, communications, and advocacy. HPP has a particular focus on supporting populations with higher rates of preventable health issues and in places with the fewest opportunities for health. HPP is currently focused on four areas of work: 1) Stable and affordable housing: protects health and provides the ability to engage in healthy opportunities, 2) Complete neighborhoods: make it easy for residents to be healthy every day in their own communities, 3) High quality education: creates pathways to better health, and 4) Strong local economy: builds household financial security for all.

Focus of Internship Projects

The San Mateo County Health System is seeking two (2) graduate-level student interns, a Healthy Economy Intern and an Epidemiology Intern, to join the HPP team, a program within the Public Health, Policy and Planning Division. HPP is looking for students who are highly motivated, hardworking, team players, responsible, and creative. HPP is a fast-paced environment where organizational skills and self-motivation are critical. Below are the projects we are recruiting interns to work on through May/June 2017.



Internship Overview: Epidemiology Intern

The goal of this project is to develop a report that highlights health inequities in San Mateo County. To this end, the intern will examine multiple data sources, analyze the data, and compile the findings in a final report that includes tables, charts, and maps. The findings of the project will be used to inform San Mateo County Health System staff, community-based organizations, schools, cities, hospitals, and other partners about health inequities in the county, in order to improve the health status of county residents.

General information

Internship Eligibility

Current students in graduate school and recent graduates (Master’s degree or higher — up to one year after graduation date — are eligible to apply. You may not be a current San Mateo County employee.

Successful applicants will demonstrate one or more of the following:

You, or a member of your family, have been adversely affected by health inequities related to any of the following:

General information

Internship Term & Pay

The HPP 2016-17 Fall/Spring Internship is from November through June. Reasonable timeframe adjustments can be negotiated. Interns must commit to working 16-20 hours per week. Graduate students are paid $18.91 per hour.