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STD/HIV Testing

General information

A $25 registration fee (cash and checks only) is expected at time of service. Please see fee schedule. No appointment necessary! Walk-in clinic.

Tuesday Testing Only Clinic

4pm – 7pm*

No doctor is available. Standard testing includes Rapid HIV (finger-stick), chlamydia and gonorrhea (urine specimen). Testing for syphilis, hepatitis C, and/or herpes will require an additional fee.

Thursday Symptom Clinic

4pm – 7pm*

We will see patients with symptoms of an STD, such as pain, itching, oozing, rash, and patients who need medicine or need to see a doctor, and will include testing if necessary. If you only want to be tested for STDs/HIV and do not need to see a doctor, please come on our Tuesday Testing Only Clinic.

*Registration may close before 7pm if maximum capacity is reached.

**If you have been a victim of sexual assault please contact the Keller Center at (650) 573-2623.