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Privacy Notice to Fair Oaks Health Center Patients
Aviso de Privacidad para los pacientes de Fair Oaks Health Center

We regret to inform our Fair Oaks Health Center patients that we discovered a potential breach of personal health information. 

Lamentamos informar a nuestros pacientes de Fair Oaks Health Center que descubrimos una posible fuga de información personal de salud.

Family Violence Services

General information

Keller Center for Family Violence Intervention

The Keller Center is here to help the victims of child abuse, elder abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence. We provide medical, emotional, social, and legal care and support. We are a one of a kind, nationally recognized resource and the only place that offers the comprehensive services victims need including:

  • Emergency medical treatment
  • Medical exams
  • Forensic exams
  • Child interview specialists
  • Safety plans and patient follow-up
  • Expert witness in court cases

We work closely with law enforcement and other County agencies and organizations including Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse (CORA), Rape Trauma Services, Child Protective Services, and Adult Protective Services.

The Keller Center for Family Violence Intervention was founded by George and Addie Keller in 2001. To make a donation to the Keller Center, contact the San Mateo County Health Foundation.