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A Girl Like Me

A true story about the life of Gwen Araujo, born Edward Araujo, a teenager who fought with patience and courage to be accepted for who she was.

Daddy and Papa

A documentary depicting the social, political and cultural difficulties surrounding homosexual fatherhood.

RACE: The Power of an Illusion

A 3-part series that examines and dismantles common myths and misconceptions about race.


From the voices and perspectives of ethnically and sexually diverse teens, Straightlaced is a documentary that addresses American ideals and issues surrounding gender and sexuality.

True Colors

A compelling documentary about the life experiences of four homosexual men facing adversity.

Unnatural Causes

An exploratory film series about how racial and socioeconomic inequities, such as in housing, education, employment, and power, can lead to negative health outcomes.

Another Kind of Valor

A DVD/CD Learning System that begins to share insights about the struggles that lie ahead for all involved. By presenting a series of nine carefully crafted 25- to 45-minute docudrama video vignettes that probe the veteran’s experiences – pre-war, battleground, and post deployment – it attempts to reveal clues about when and how an individual exposure to powerful trauma that alters life has forced a departure from our society’s agreed upon concept of reality and what is acceptable.