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Behavioral Health Staff: Medical & Pharmacy


BHRS Medical & Pharmacy Information

Link to BHRS Policies & Forms
MD Documentation Guide
Avatar Instructions to find HEALTHsuite Number (HSN)

Medical Assessment Forms

Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale (BPRS)
Lab Weight Chart
Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MOCA)

Medication Forms

HPSM Medication Request Form (MRF) 2015
HPSM Part D Medication Request Form (MRF)2010
Physician's Request Psychotropic Medication
BHRS FDA Guidelines For Indications and Dosage Ranges
Psychiatric Medication Consent Form

 BHRS Staff Only

Tamper Resistant Prescription Pads Order Form, Security Form Notice
TDS Med Consent

BHRS Medical Reference

BHRS Formulary - rev. 3/14/16
Guidelines for the Use of Psychoactive Medications
Lab Guide

Treatment Guidelines

Adult ADHD

ADHD Protocol for Adults seeking services at BHRS
ADHD Formulary Comparison
ADHD Medications
Adult ADHD Treatment Guidelines - rev. 01/2016
Controlled Medication Agreement – EnglishSpanish


Benzodiazepines Client Education Sheet
Benzodiazepines Guidelines
Controlled Medication Agreement – EnglishSpanish
Tapering Benzodiazepines

Intranasal Naloxone

Information for Prescribers
Training for Providers
Naloxone Brochure for Caregivers

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Reduce Heavy Alcohol Use Dosing Recommendations
Reduce Heavy Alcohol Use Flowchart
Substance Abuse Medication Guidelines
Urge to Drink Scale – EnglishSpanish
Vivitrol Client Information for AUD and OUD – EnglishSpanish
Vivitrol Perscriber Information for OUD – rev. 6/15/16
Vivitrol Prior Authorization Procedures – rev. 03/14/16
Vivitrol Protocol for AUD – rev. 06/15/16


Methadone and QTc Prolongation 2009