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Needs Assessments
2022 HCHFH Needs Assessment
2019 HCHFH Needs Assessment
2017 HCHFH Needs Assessment
2015 HCHFH Needs Assessment

Substance Use Needs Assessment
2019 HCHFH Substance Use Needs Assessment

Patient Satisfaction Surveys
2018 HCHFH Patient Satisfaction Survey
2016 HCHFH Patient Satisfaction Survey

Annual Report
2022 HCHFH Annual Report
2021 HCHFH Annual Report
2020 HCHFH Annual Report
2018 HCHFH Annual Report

Aggregated Uniform Data System Reports

  • Choose “Program Awardee Data” from drop-down
  • Choose “California” from drop-down
  • Search “San Mateo County Health Services Agency”