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Everyone is Welcome


Everyone is welcome at San Mateo Medical Center

Can anyone get care at your clinic?
We provide care to anyone living in San Mateo County, no matter their immigration status. If you are a new patient, please call (650) 372-3200.

Do you accept all health insurance plans?
Please call (650) 372-3200 to see if your health coverage is accepted at San Mateo Medical Center. If you do not have health coverage, they will help you find out if you qualify for available programs.

Is it safe to go to your clinic?
Your health and safety is always our priority. We want patients to keep their appointments and get medicine from their doctor. We do not participate in enforcing civil immigration law.

If I go to your clinic, will it hurt my chance for legal immigration?Getting health care at one of our clinics does not hurt your chances of receiving legal immigration status. Be sure to always provide accurate information when getting care.

Do I have to show identification at your clinic?
For your safety, we are required to see your identification to make sure we provide the right care. 

Do I have to sign a consent form?
We need your consent for the services we provide and we are required to get written consent for some procedures. We also need you to sign some forms so we know you are aware of your rights as a patient.

Can I get an interpreter when I come to your clinic for care?
Some of our doctors are bilingual. We also use interpreters who are specially trained to explain medical terms. They must keep your personal information private. We use interpreters in person, on video, or on the phone and it is free of charge.

Do you need to know my immigration status? 
To receive care at a clinic, we only ask what health coverage program you have. To sign up for a health coverage program, you may need to share your immigration status. We do not report that information.

Do you report the immigration status of your patients?
We do not track or report the immigration status of our patients.

If you have questions about immigration, visit the Office of Community Affairs.