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Nurse Recognition

General information

San Mateo Medical Center congratulates the following nurse professionals for being recognized by their peers during National Nurses Week.

Phyllis, ICU

Recognized by her peers in the category of: Mentoring

“Phyllis is a fantastic role model of a nurse in a critical care setting. She trains new nurses and provides a positive example of a caregiver to inspire the new nurses to always put patient care first. Phyllis is a credit to her profession as well as San Mateo Medical Center.”

Girley, Daly City Clinic

Recognized by her peers in the category of: Leadership

“Girley has been an invaluable part of the clinic for many years. She is well respected by staff, peers, providers, and patients. She truly leads by example – always willing to do more, and always available as a resource. She not only performs every day tasks dutifully and reliably, she is proactive in working to improve clinic operations, staff relationships, and the level of care we deliver to our patients.”

Rita, Burlingame Long-Term Care

Recognized by her peers in the category of: Clinical Care/Patient Safety

“ Rita takes pride in her unit and coaches her staff at every opportunity. I have observed Rita’s interactions with the staff and residents. She spends time with all staff, especially the Nursing Assistants, when they approach her for guidance. One of her highest priorities is the safety of the residents, especially those residents with special challenges. Rita is a seasoned LTC nurse who truly understands the dynamics of caring for the elderly.”

Noreen, Inpatient Unit 2AB

Recognized by her peers in the category of: Change Champion/Creativity

“Noreen is a true change agent. She jumps on and changes processes to reduce medication errors such as creating posters to remind staff to not interrupt nurses when they are administering medication. She engages her peers in embracing change by being cheerful, positive, and having a great sense of humor.”

Mary, Short Stay Unit

Recognized by her peers in the category of: Patient Advocacy

“Mary is one of our unsung heroes. She constantly goes above and beyond in her interactions with her patients. She calms frighten patients, chats with lonely patients, and follows ups with patients after surgery by calling to be sure they are doing well. She does all this with grace and a genuine concern for patients’ comments and concerns. Mary’s commitment to patient safety and patient care is inspiring to all nurses who have the pleasure of working with her.”

Mollie, Inpatient Psychiatric Unit 3AB

Recognized by her peers in the category of: Community Service

“Mollie has an exuberance for her work and her patients. Family members and patients compliment her ability to help restore hope in patients’ lives. Mollie attends classes sponsored by the National Alliance on Mental Illness for three hours a week to become a patient advocate. She attends these classes to gain a better perspective on the challenges for patients with mental illness. Mollie is a future nurse leader and mental health advocate.”

Kelly, Emergency Department

Recognized by her peers in the category of: Team Player

“Kelly is always willing to help everyone she works with. She is knowledgeable, cheerful, a great problem solver and excellent communicator. Kelly is the best nurse to have by your side in an emergency. She’s open to change and willing to make improvements to make the Emergency Department environment more productive and safe for patients and staff.”