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Interpretation Services
You have the right to an interpreter at no cost to you.

General information

To give you the best healthcare, we need to understand you. And you need to understand us. We can provide an interpreter in almost any language, including American Sign Language. 

In some cases, we can arrange to have in-person interpreters available. In most cases, we will use our voice and video interpretation system. With this system, our staff can locate an interpreter for your language in a minute or two. You and your doctor will be able to either see the interpreter live on a video screen or talk to him (or her) on a speaker phone. 

How to Get an Interpreter

  • Please tell us if you would like an interpreter when you make your appointment. 
  • Look for one of our interpreter signs (see below) and point to your language when asked by staff during your appointment.

When you come to any of our locations, even if you haven’t planned the visit in advance (for example, if you need to come to the Emergency Room), you can ask our staff to use the voice and video interpretation system so that you can be sure we will understand each other.

Interpreter Signs


Right to an Interpreter Poster