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RFP: Warehousing Services for Emergency Medical Equipment Stockpile and Strategic National Stockpile
Emergency Medical Services


The County of San Mateo Health Systems’ Emergency Medical Services Division, Health Emergency Preparedness Unit is soliciting proposals for warehousing services for emergency medical equipment stockpile and Strategic National Stockpile.

Responses are due by 5:00 PM, Wednesday, August 16, 2017.

RFP: Warehouse for Emergency Medical Equipment Stockpile and Strategic National Stockpile


Q1: Who is the current vendor for medical equipment stockpile?

A1: Confidential

Q2: Does the current facility have docks for trailers? If yes, what type (flat or well)?

A2: Facility uses loading dock with leveler. Trailers are hired/rented as needed. The dock is raise from the street (not well).

Q3: While in custody of the medical equipment, does any certification/calibration to equipment need to be performed?   

A3: No calibration or maintenance – storage only

Q4: What type vehicle do you require to transport medical equipment in an emergency, any special features, suspension, insulation, etc.?  

A4: Warehouse contractor’s best judgement. Most equipment is palletized surgical masks, gowns and gloves. Emergency receiving will be from trailers provided by federal and state agencies. The contractor will be required to break-down the bulk shipments, stage and re-ship to medical facilities throughout the county. The vehicles for drop ships are generally vans and small box trucks. 

Q5: Will you be scheduling a walk through of the current facility, prior to bidding?

A5: No

Q6: How many medical equipment items may require special handling? 

A6: Some equipment are fragile (eg. Lamps, Shelter Lighting System).

Q7: What is the current inventory or count and what items are between 20, 100, 300, 500 lbs. or greater, or will most of the equipment be palatalized? What % is palatalized ? Any amount of equipment currently in boxes or plain shrink wrap protection? 

A7: Most equipment is shrink wrapped and palletized. There are some pallets of mixed boxes. There are some loose items (for example:  65 gallon Roll out Container with Lids with supplies stored inside;  Medical Bed on Rolling Rack). We do not have an inventory count by weight as described. The most common items are pallets of disposable gloves, disposable gowns, N95 surgical masks, regular surgical masks. Keep in mind that individual items that are bulky or require special handling may be billed on a time and material basis. Note: Inferred from your questions is a concern that medical equipment may include portable x-ray, gurneys and other bulky and fragile hospital equipment. There is none. 

Notice of Intent to Award Contract for the RFP for Warehouse for Emergency Medical Equipment Stockpile and Strategic National St