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Vaccinated Residents Location Data


Data are preliminary and subject to change. This dashboard is updated at the close of business on Thursdays. 

NOTE: The information below is based on standard available estimates for city and town populations. Estimates are less precise for towns/places with small populations. The smaller the population of a town/place, the less precise the estimate. A town or city may show 100% percent vaccination of eligible residents, but it may be due to an underestimate of the current population.

County Covid-19 vaccination rates — broken down by age, sex, and race/ethnicity — rely on population data from the California Department of Finance (DoF). 

DoF population projections are updated and released annually.  We, like CDPH, are using the DoF  projections for 2021 to calculate County-wide vaccination rates. 

DoF recently revised their 2021 projections to incorporate the 2020 decennial census population counts. Major shifts were seen in the revised race/ethnicity population breakdowns.

These groups have a new LOWER population estimate

  • AIAN, BAA, Latinx, NHPI, White
  • This translates into HIGHER vaccine rates than previously reported

These groups have a new HIGHER population estimate

  • Asian, Multiracial
  • This translates into LOWER vaccine rates than previously reported  

Both County and California Department of Public Health vaccination dashboards reflect the revised DoF population data on 7/8/22. This update does NOT impact San Mateo County vaccination rates for cities/towns and census tracts, which rely on population data from 2019 5-year ACS-Census data.