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Event Host Resources

  • Programming
  • Media Notice
    • This media notice is to grant County of San Mateo permission to take and use photo/videos from a given event.
    • Media notice in different languages:
      English, Spanish, Chinese, TagalogRussian
    • How to use Media Notice: 
      • Post in an area where participants will see at the beginning of an event. The notice should be placed in a prominent area, such as at a registration table or on the wall(s) for in-person events or presentation slide for virtual events.
      • In a welcome address, verbally mention the media notice and provide options to opt-out. People can opt-out by sitting in a designated area that will not be filmed/photographed for in-person events and turning off their camera/changing their username in a virtual event.
  • Marketing 
    • 2023 SPM Social Media Calendar – Coming soon!
    • 2023 Promo Flyer – Coming soon!
    • 2023 SPM Virtual Backgrounds – Coming soon!
  • Facilitation 
    • Toolkit: Support for Individuals on Social and Digital Media (by National Suicide Prevention Lifeline) 
    • 2023 Suicide Prevention Month Chat Script Template - Coming soon!
    • 2023 Suicide Prevention Month Presentation Template - Coming soon!
    • 2023 Suicide Prevention Evaluation Survey - Coming soon!
    • 2023 Suicide Prevention Month Evaluation Survey [Printable Version] - Coming soon!
      • If you want data collected for your specific event, please reach out to the contact below. 
      • If you have any questions or suggestions about hosting an event, please contact the 2023 SPM Planning Chair, Sylvia Tang at