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Contact Us
Contact Information for the Public Authority for In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS)


Location and Hours

Aging and Adult Services Office Location:
225 37th Avenue
San Mateo, CA 94403

Public Authority Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 5892
San Mateo, CA 94402

Public Authority Payroll

Brenda Corzantes (650) 372-8557 or email at:

Kelly Chan (650) 573-2047 or email at:

Kelly Lou (650) 372-8547 or email at:

Leonard Toy (650) 573-4258 or email at:

Kathaline Pivaral (650) 573-2183 or email at:

Estella Castillo Payroll Supervisor (650) 573-2704 or email at:

Provider Enrollment and Payroll Assistance Line (650) 372-8507

Overtime & Violations Help Line: For questions about overtime, violation notices you received and avoiding violations call (650) 573-4258

Verification of Employment:

Kelly Chan (650) 573-2047 or email at:

Duplicate W-2 Requests: Contact your Payroll Specialist

In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Provider Help Desk: For questions about electronic timesheets, paper timesheets, paycheck, direct deposit, liens and wage garnishments call 1-866-376-7066


Public Transportation Reimbursement:

Kathaline Pivaral (650) 573-3935 or email at:

Applications for health, dental and vision coverage:

Leonard Toy (650) 573-3773 or email at:

Information for providers already enrolled in health, dental and vision insurance benefits:

Healthworx (Health): 1-800-750-4776

Benefits Service Center (Dental & Vision): 1-800-842-6635

Public Authority Registry

Maria Esparza-Diaz Registry provider recruitment and updates

(650) 573-3649 or email at:

Betty Fung Registry Supervisor

(650) 573-4263 or email at:

IHSS Provider Workshops and Job Development Reimbursement

Stacy Goldsby (650) 578-7146 or email at:

Health, Vision and Dental Insurance Coverage Information

Information for providers already enrolled in these insurance benefits

Healthworx (Health): 1-800-750-4776

Benefits Service Center (Dental & Vision): 1-800-842-6635

Worker’s Compensation for IHSS Providers

For information on filing claims for injuries incurred while performing an IHSS task call: (650) 573-2729

Union Information

SEIU Local 2015: 1-855-810-2015