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Pfizer boosters available at Event Center

cars driving into vaccination clinic in Event Center pavilion

Staff at the Event Center booster clinic will get you through the process quickly and efficiently. You can make an appointment via MyTurn, or you can drive up without an appointment. The Event Center is open on Tuesdays (noon-7pm) and Wednesdays through Saturdays (9am-4pm).

STD and HIV Resources for Providers


STD and HIV Resources for Providers

The STD/HIV Program has developed activities and resources to assist health care providers in the public and private sectors to integrate routine STD and HIV testing as a part of patient care. These activities will also help facilitate linkage to HIV specialty care for newly identified HIV infected patients, as well as discuss pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and help patients get it. 

Appropriate health care settings for implementation of routine STD and HIV testing include:

  • Hospital emergency departments
  • Specialty care clinics (e.g., ob/gyn, TB)
  • Community clinics (e.g., homeless, substance abuse)
  • Inpatient care (e.g., labor and delivery)
  • Correctional health care facilities
  • Pediatric/prenatal care clinics
  • Other primary care settings

CDC Recommendations for HIV Testing of Adults and Adolescents in Health Care Settings

CDC 2015 STD Treatment Guidelines

The CDC estimates that 1 in 5 people infected with HIV are unaware that they are infected … and 54% of new sexually transmitted HIV infections in the US originate from HIV infected persons who are unaware of their infection.

CDC recommendations urge providers to include HIV testing as a routine part of health care for all patients 13 – 64 years of age regardless of their risk. Routine HIV testing ensures that:

  • More people learn about their HIV infection
  • Those who learn about their infection will benefit from earlier access to treatment
  • There is a reduction in the risk of further transmitting HIV to others
General information

What are my responsibilities as a medical provider?

Please provide this information to the patient before testing.

What do I do if the patient tests positive for HIV?
Disclose confirmed HIV positive result to patient. If you need disclosure assistance you may contact Darryl Lampkin, Supervisor, 650-573-3643.

HIV/AIDS is a reportable disease, as mandated by Title 17 California Code of Regulations (CCR).

Please complete the HIV/AIDS Case Report Form as thoroughly as possible. Report by fax or mail within 7 working days.

(650) 573-2919

General information

What information can I provide to my patient?

  • Edison Clinic Brochure English Spanish
  • Partner Services Brochure
  • Drop-in Support Group Flyer English Spanish
  • Hotline Telephone Numbers/Other Resources:
    • CDC National HIV/AIDS Hotline 1-800-CDC-INFO (232-4636)
    • AIDS/HIV Nightline 1-800-628-9240 or 415-434-AIDS (434-2437)
    • HIV Health Info Line  1-800-822-7422 or 415-558-9051
    • Women Alive  1-800-554-4876
    • Crisis Management Hotline 1-800-273-TALK or 1-800-784-2433
General information

Technical Assistance Activities

Staff Development/Presentation: STD/HIV Program personnel have developed and will conduct an onsite interactive presentation designed to enhance understanding of routine HIV testing in healthcare settings.  The presentation provides the following: