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EMS Policy & Procedure Manual

General information

This page includes the policies, procedures, and treatment protocols for the San Mateo County prehospital care system. The information is provided by the San Mateo County Emergency Medical Services Agency, and is designed for use within San Mateo County. Updates and new policies are noted with the implementation date. Numeric gaps in document numbers indicate that a policy or procedure has been deleted and is not part of the current San Mateo County prehospital care system.

NOTE: Please review the SMC EMS Policy Crosswalk - April 2021 for details regarding recent policy updates and policy renumbering.

Any questions and feedback regarding should be directed to the EMS Agency through the Field Feedback Form or by calling (650) 573-2564.

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General information


EMD Dispatcher Program Approval and Authorization PER-0  
EMT Certification PER 1 Rev 4/2021
Paramedic Accreditation PER 2 Rev 4/2021
Disciplinary Review Procedures for EMT-1 Certificates, Paramedic Licensure, and Paramedic Accreditation PER-3  
Public Safety Automatic External Defibrillation Programs PER-4  
Public Safety First Aid, CPR and Optional Skills Training Program Approval PER-6 Rev 6/2018
Continuing Education Requirements PER-7  
General information


Ambulance Response And Transport Restrictions OPS-1 Rev 6/2013
Use Of BLS Ambulances Within The Emergency Ambulance/Advanced Life Support System OPS-2 Rev 10/2013
Transport Limitations For ALS First Responder OPS-3 Rev 2/2014
Authority On Scene OPS-4 Rev 6/2015
Physician On The Scene OPS-5 Rev 6/2015
Canceling or Downgrading an EMS Response OPS-6 Rev 10/2015
Patient Destination Determination OPS 7 Rev 4/2021
EMS Supervisors Role OPS-8 Rev 4/2015
Multi-Casualty Incident Response Plan OPS-9 Rev 10/2015
Determining Death In The Field, DNR, POLST, and Aid-In-Dying Drug OPS-10 Rev 7/2018
Organ Donor Card Search OPS-12 Rev 10/2015
Use Of EMS Aircraft OPS-13 Rev 5/2014
San Francisco International Airport – Paramedic First Responder Program OPS-14  
Controlled Substance Storage and Restocking Procedures OPS-16  Rev 8/2019
EMS Communications OPS-17  Rev 5/2015
Special Response Areas & Bridges OPS-19 Rev 6/2013
Medical Resource Standby OPS-20 Rev 12/2013
Refusal Of Care And/Or Transportation OPS-21 Rev 11/2014
Safely Surrendered Baby Procedure for Fire Stations OPS-24 Rev 6/2013
Use Of BLS Ambulances Within The South San Francisco Fire Department OPS-26 Rev 10/2013
Law Enforcement On-scene Requesting Code of Response OPS-27

New 8/2016

Stroke System Triage and Patient Destination OPS-29 Rev 11/2018
Use of Alternative Transport Vehicles OPS-30 Rev 1/2014
Abuse Reporting OPS-31  Rev 5/2015
Fire Line Emergency Medical Technician – Paramedic (FEMP) OPS-33 New 6/2013
Tactical Medic Team OPS-34 New 12/2013
Confidentiality of Patient Information OPS-35

New 2/2015

Mobile Stroke Unit Pilot OPS-36 New 2/2018
EMS Event Reporting OPS 37 New 5/2021
General information

Public Safety Communications

Holding Priority 3 Ambulance Calls PSC-1  
System Alert/ALS Ambulance System Level Zero PSC-2  
Ambulance Deployment Broadcast/Notifications PSC-3  
EMD and Medical Backup for South San Francisco PSC-4  
Use of 911 Units for Emergency Interfacility Transfers PSC-5  
Special Response Areas PSC-6  
EMS Aircraft PSC-7  
Field Safety PSC-8  
Correctional Facilities PSC-10  
Dispatching in Manual Mode PSC-9  
Dispatching and Transport Priorities PSC-11  
EMD Compliance Policy PSC-12  
EMD Quality Assurance Policy PSC-13  
Medical Resource Standby PSC-14  
Alert I/II/III PSC-15  
AMR Management Notifications PSC-16  
EMS Agency Notification PSC-17  

General information


Receiving Hospitals Facilities - 1  Rev 4/2021
Base Hospitals FAC 2 Rev 4/2021
Ambulance Diversion FAC-3  Rev 9/2017
ED Patient Transfer FAC 4  Rev 4/2021
Destination of Patients Under a 5150 Hold FAC-5  
Correctional Facilities FAC-6  
Trauma Centers FAC-7  
Impact Evaluation: Proposed Downgrade or Closure of a Hospital’s Emergency Services FAC-8  
STEMI System Referral Hospital and Receiving Center Standards and Designation FAC-9 New 11/2019
STEMI Data Dictionary STEMI Data Dictionary New 11/2019
STEMI Field Feedback Form (SRCs & Pre-hospital) STEMI Field Feedback Form New 11/2019
General information


Emergency Ambulance and First Responder Staffing, Medications, Medical Equipment, and Supplies  EQP 1 Rev 4/2021
Prehospital Paramedic Electrocardiography Equipment EQP-4  
Equipment Required on Scene EQP-5  Rev 3/2013
General information


Operations Frequencies COM-1  
Requests for Cancelling or Downgrading an EMS Response COM-2  
Field Safety COM-3  
Base Hospital Communications COM 4 New 4/2021
Base Hospital and Receiving Center Reports COM 5 New 4/2021
Central Patient Routing COM 6 New 11/2021
General information


Paramedic Prehospital Care Report (Electronic) DOC-1 Rev 8/2011
Paramedic Prehospital Care Report Form (Handwritten) DOC-2  
EMS System Resolution DOC-3  
Patient Contact DOC-4 Rev 11/2014
General information


Emergency Medical Dispatch Quality (Improvement) Assurance QI-1  
Clinical Incident Reporting, Investigation, Resolution QI-3