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Health System Campus Projects


Health System Campus Projects

Changes are happening on the Health System’s campus.

Read about current and upcoming construction projects to improve care, services, and the environment—and how we’re working to make sure we’re good neighbors in the community.


Serenity House Renovation

Renovation began on February 6, 2017 on the long awaited Serenity House Project, located on the North West end of the Medical Center Campus.   The renovation is estimated to take 150 days, depending on weather and will take place during normal business hours of 8 am – 5 pm, Monday-Friday in consideration of the residential neighbors.


Health System Campus Master Plan Update

We have been working with architecture firm Taylor Design to conduct a feasibility study for our 37th Avenue San Mateo Health System campus. At a community meeting held on November 21, Taylor Design recommended draft planning solutions to address community concerns and client needs. Please see their presentation for more information.


Campus Improvements

We recently completed physical improvements to our campus. New fencing was installed along 39th Avenue and Edison Street.

We also planted tree scrubs along the 37th Avenue parking lot to improve the environment and the visual appeal of the neighborhood.

We are also planning some construction projects to increase ADA accessibility to our building at 225 37th Avenue. We anticipate construction to begin the second quarter of 2017 and to be complete within the calendar year.


Solar Panel Installation

We are excited that the solar panels are now installed in the West parking lot, and are working with a new vendor to activate the panels by early winter. 

Once the project is complete, the panels will reduce San Mateo Medical Center’s electricity spending by $300,000 every year—a 19% reduction. Over the 30-year life of the panels, that translates to $9.8 million saved that can be spent on public services.


Serenity House

Beginning in early 2017, we’ll be renovating the old “receiving home” for abused children at the corner of Hacienda Street and 37th Avenue, and opening a new respite center for people with mental health issues who need a short-term break from their living situation to get back on track.


Water Tower Replacement

Starting in early spring 2017, we’ll be replacing the existing water tower above the West parking lot with a new one that’s built to withstand a major earthquake and complies with new laws that require us to store more water.